"I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me."
— Joshua Graham

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Siya: taong mahal mo o mahal ka?
Ako: Wala akong pagpipilian. Kasi wala.
Siya: Walang alin?
Ako: Walang nagmamahal sa akin para may pagpilian. Ay basta.
Siya: Ay ewan ko sayo. Kain tayo.
Ako:Yan. Mas maganda yan.

I’m learning how to live, love and survive this life in the hard way. It’s getting harder everyday. But I won’t give up. I am fighting. I am still blessed.

Mas masakit pa tong nararamdaman ko kesa pag nakikita ko ang crush ko may kayakap. Napakapaasa naman. Sobra.

Now I need a hug :’(

I want to hug you.

Pati internet nagloloko na rin.

I don’t like this feeling. I don’t like this feeling that when you meet a new friend, who can be better than me, you’ll leave me. But I trust you and I know you won’t.

But how can you ignore me so easily when all I did was to love you more than anyone else?

Do you really miss me or you are just bored?

I’ll wait for midnight so I can freely talk to myself again. I need peace.

Anonymous asked: "Is that your collar bones on your avatar?"

uhh. yes. :)

….. i should sleep i should sleep. i should sleep i should sleep i should sleep i should sleep.

I just want to be someone’s someone special. only true love. one great love.

I hate that my mind won’t stop speaking, mumbling and rambling thoughts. And I have to fight the urge, not to write everything I have in mind. It will surely create chaos and storms and endless confusion to those people who are involve(d). It is a 24/7 battle between my mind and my heart.