"My mind will be my murderer."
— Six word story. 

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"Come and rest your bones with me"
Sunday Morning, Maroon 5
Anonymous asked: "I can’t understand myself. I don’t know the reason why I’m temporarily asking for my freedom. I love you. But I have to be alone.. Don’t think that I love you no more. I just have to find myself first. I maybe gone, but this is for the both of us.. Chos. Hahahahaha"

If you need to find yourself then I’ll let you, but I want you to know that I am just here waiting for you to come back, and if you can’t find your way back, just call my name then I’ll go and find you. I’ll give you the freedom that you want but I am not letting you go. 

Anonymous asked: "I'm still here. I love you :* -xx"

Please come back. Please. I love you too :*


I love you beb. I miss you as in super miss you. I need your hug right now. If I can only be there with you in just a snap . Unfortunately, I can’t.

I’m in this place called heaven. Waaaa. Vintages!!!!

Talaga nga namag ako ay nakakainis na. Pabago-bago. Pero nakakatamad kasing lumabas. Peeo magagalit kapatid ko kapag di kami natuloy papuntang sm. Hahaha. Ano ba Alai. Wag kang magulo.


para matabunan ung madramang post, magpost ng picture.

Anonymous asked: "Ate miss youuu -mika"

Hay mika mika mika. I miss you too. Where are you now? *huggggggsss*


This is not good, but I wish not to wake up again tomorrow. I can’t do this anymore. Everything is in chaos. Everything. And everyday I’m like waiting for something bad to happen. Oh shit. I am always wrong. I am not doing anything good or right. They never look at the good things I’ve done. I want an end to this.

So ………. ugh. I hate you. I hate you.

Uhhhh. Where to start?

But don’t think that she’ll wait for you till the end, she’ll get tired eventually and will have someone who can love her, more than how others can.

know when to say no;